Thoughts on the three versions of Shada

Okay, so the three versions of Shada are as follows:
the unfinished serial, some of the footage of which was then used in The Five Doctors.
the Big Finish webcast, in which the events of the original Shada were undone due to The Five Doctors and so need to be relived with the Eighth Doctor.
the novelisation of the serial that, while featuring Four, seems to imply that the girl Clare is an echo of Clara Oswald. Now, for this to happen, Four’s Shada would need to be the current one, but it isn’t.

The original Shada happened, then unhappened due to The Five Doctors, causing the Big Finish version to happen in its place; that much is known. However, School Reunion implied that, for Sarah Jane, The Five Doctors never happened. There are at least two alternate solutions to this which, for the purpose of this piece, I will be ignoring:
1. Sarah Jane didn’t count that encounter because she didn’t get a chance to confront the Doctor about kicking her out.
2. The process of being taken out of time, experiencing those events, then being placed back in time disrupted those recent memories so that Sarah was unsure if they really occurred or not.
Instead, I am going to hypothesize that the Last Great Time War and Gallifrey’s uncertain fate undid the events of The Five Doctors(I already hate myself for suggesting such a tiresome and idiotic retcon). Thus The Five Doctors wouldn’t have disrupted the original version of Shada, so the Big Finish version wouldn’t need to happen, so an echo of Clara could be, for however brief a time, slotted in via the Shada novelisation.

Scratch that, I have a better solution. With an unknown number of Claras running about between Name and its undoing in Time, perhaps another Clara intercepted the Time Scoop sent for Four and Romana. The Five Doctors still happens, but without disrupting Shada. Clara’s splinters need to compensate for the disappearance of that echo by transposing themself onto Clare and ta-dah, Gareth Roberts’ Shada novelisation gets to happen.


I’ve half a mind to write a little one-shot based on my Unified Disunified theory of Eight’s timeline. It would pretty much just be Time Crash with three Eights and EU jokes. Should I do it?

Well, here it is.

One-shot, 1786 words. 

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Make a Doctor Who episode title with your birthday! (v.1)



January- (The) Power of
February- (The) Carnival of
March- (The) Horns of
April- (The) Curse of
May- (The) Seeds of
June- (The) Tomb of
July- (The) Attack of
August- (The) Pyramids of
September- (The) Day of
October- (The) Horror of
November- (The) Warriors of
December- (The) Invasion of


1- Fear
2- Blood
3- Eden
4- Nimon
5- Infinity
6- Androzani
7- The Rani
8- Peladon
9- (The) Spiders
10- Monsters
11- (The) Zygons
12- Time
13- Destruction
14- (The) Cybermen
15- Doom
16- Traken
17- Death
18- (A) Timelord
19- (The) Dinosaurs
20- Fang Rock
21- Fenric
22- The World
23- Mars
24- The Deep
25- (The) Daleks
26- Fire
27- Terror
28- Decay
29- The Autons
30- Morbius
31- Evil



This was one of those moments when I was so, so glad Sylvester was the new Doctor. The gif loses most of the impact unfortunately, because it was one of those amazing scenes when he was just using the power of his voice and his convictions to sell it. AND YOU BELIEVE IT. He did this in several episodes, and between that and the puns, I was utterly delighted — Jon Pertwee was my childhood favorite, but now we had a Doctor who battled using words, the raw power of language and oratory and charisma, to beat armed enemies pointing a weapon at him. Pretty danged awesome.

McCoy and his portrayal of Seven is absolutely amazing. Even though Hartnell / One is my absolute favourite I just love the balance between lightness and darkness McCoy captures so perfectly.





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Regarding Big Finish at 15 Offer 5

I know for sure I want to actually get Omega, Davros, and Master; my dilemma is that I can’t decide if I want to take advantage of the sale and get the downloads only, or if I want to go all out and get the CDs. Also, is Dalek War any good?